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The Get-A-Job Manual

The Get-A-Job Manual will help you in your job search.

Arnie says, “There is but one degree of commitment; total”

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Written by Arnie Sherr, Owner of The Resume Store, the Manual provides information about how resumes are designed to attract interview invitations. In addition, there are many inspirational essays written with the purpose of encouraging all job seekers; especially, those who have been unemployed for too long a period of time. Available for your Kindle at Amazon for only $12.99. It's like Chicken Soup; it couldn't hurt!


By Fabian Ramirez on October 18, 2018  The book was insightful and full of terrific information about interviewing. It opened my eyes to what really goes on within the  interview process and how I should participate. It also helped me understand what the resume and cover letter are all about. Now I am much  more confident and am anxious to perform better in my next interview.   Because of this book, I am ready to try other ways of finding and  getting interviews. I recommend The Get-A-Job Manual to everyone.

Hundreds have Benefited

Before The Get-A-Job Manual was published, October 4, 2018 on, The Resume Store's long list of loyal customers had received smaller segments over the years. Many  have given rave reviews derived from the results they have achieved from having benefited from its content. 

How can I get a copy?

“Successful teams are just that not because they do as told, but because they are permitted and encouraged to take ownership. Successful leaders achieve greatness, not because they give orders, but because they create an environment in which through taking ownership teams voluntarily coalesce for success.” Arnie Sherr

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The Get-A-Job Manual

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